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About Ocean Ended

Set on the ever-changing waters at the mouth of the Maroochy River – where the ocean ends – Ocean Ended at Platinum provides guests with a friendly, relaxed and elegant dining experience featuring the winning trifecta of stunning views, outstanding coastal cuisine, and memorable service.

We choose seasonal, diverse, locally-caught seafood, much of which is only available in small quantities or inconsistently throughout the season. As a result, our seafood specials are based on the highest quality fish and shellfish available.

All you need to really know is that we’ll be providing you with beautiful, fresh coastal (and some inland) cuisine prepared by a chef who really knows his stuff.


Warm, friendly, and professional service will ensure you have a great dining experience with just the right amount of attention from our staff and wines that won’t intimidate you.

We look forward to welcoming you for a long leisurely lunch, a shorter fixed-price lunch, or dinner with friends, family, or loved ones… which should never be rushed!

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